The success and safety of our overseas expeditions is underpinned by quality training in the UK before we leave. That’s why we include at least four days of training prior to our big adventures for free! Our expedition training not only teaches skills for the river, but also living in the wild and working as a team.

You don’t have to be on one of our experiences to benefit from our expertise though. If you are planning a big trip and need to brush up on some skills, develop your team or just want to learn a new move, our staff can help you achieve your aims.

WE run a full range of freestyle, river running and rescue courses at venues all over the UK for young paddlers to improve their skills at every level.


Whatever your needs or goals, WE can help you gain the qualifications to do it. WE run National Governing Body courses with a difference. With Watermark Experiences not only will you cover a fully up to date NGB course, you will benefit from the practical experience of one of our professionals, so you know that what you are learning will really work when you need it most.

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