Our adventure experiences are the reason that WE exist and are the heart and soul of what we do.

WE think of the outdoors as both a classroom and a playground where everyone can learn a great deal about themselves,  about others and about the environment while enjoying great adventures.

WE are committed to providing the very best expedition services and advice there is. With the unrivalled experience of our staff and unique programmes in stunning locations, we are well equipped to give you the experience of a lifetime.

WE undertake expeditions all over the world, from the spectacular high altitude plateaus of North West India, to the pristine rivers of Norway,  the wilderness of British Columbia and the warm rivers of Africa. These longer expeditions are guaranteed to give you a taste of real exploration and an unforgettable experience.

WE also run shorter adventure trips to well established European locations for the aspiring young white water kayaker. Following the seasonal melt water, these road trips to the Alps,   Norway or Scotland are huge fun and will hone your skills on the best white water in Europe.

Our experience of organising and leading youth river expeditions in every part of the world is unrivalled, so if you have an idea or are planning a club or school trip contact us to see how WE can help and make yours the adventure of a lifetime.

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