Team Watermark

Team Watermark includes anyone who works with us or joins us on our programmes i.e. YOU!

Once you have been on one of our experiences you will be supported by us in your adventures or your career; whether it’s the organisation of a club trip, getting your first coaching award or applying for a job. WE have helped team members from everything from choosing a new kayak to getting a new job.  As part of Team Watermark, you will have us behind you every step of the way to offer advice and encouragement.

Norway Team in 2013

Norway Team in 2013

For promising young guides who want to follow a career in the adventure industry, WE also run an apprenticeship scheme.  If you would like to find out more Please contact us for details.

This is what the team have to say about some of our experiences.

Name – Ben Knowles
Age – 18
Experience – Zanskar, India 2011

“I found the Zanskar expedition really amazing! As the week progressed we entered the gorge and I found that the water was more challenging than anything that I had ever experienced.

For me it was a really good adventure and I would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to go. I learned a lot from the trip and can’t wait to get back on some big water.”

Name – Tom Leonard
Age – 18
Experience – Norway 2013

“Cheers for an awesome time in Norway best kayaking I’ve done in my life can’t wait to go back next year.

You were a great guide kept us safe and knew every put on and take off!!! Really noticed this week how much I’ve improved my paddling so much more power behind the blade.”

Name – Chyavan Rees
Age – 18
Experience – Norway 2013

“Just a quick email to say thanks for the sweet time I had in Norway. Everything was incredibly organised and the trip was most enjoyable. Many thanks for the hours of hard work you put in to make the trip happen and on the trip itself, and well done for putting up with a load of noisy teenagers for 10 days! Thanks alot, it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on!”


Name – Elliot Francis
Age – 17
Experience – Zanskar, India 2011

“The 3 day drive to the top of the Zanskar River to start our expedition was an incredibly scenic journey! On the first day, after we crossed the Indus, the mountains were quite close together and very steep. In most of the deep valleys, silvery-grey rivers ran furiously trying to escape their tall captors. Each mountaintop was different to the next and I kept scrambling for my camera to photograph them! There were some brilliant looking rivers all the way along the route of each day teasing us all before we could get on and paddle! These mainly consisted of long and difficult boulder-garden style rapids that were probably out of our league!

Our campsite on the second evening was the best of the three. It was situated on a flat plateau with mountains in every direction! On the last day of the bus journey, most of the peaks were covered in permanent snow. We also passed a few ‘Glacier Ice Rivers’, running down the valleys. They were spectacular! I have never seen anything like it before: truly breath-taking!

Overall, it was the little details that made our amazing trip unique and exciting for us all! This was the best adventure of my life (so far) for sure! I met some great people, learned about the interesting culture and had a fantastic time!”


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